Understanding Undergarment Care

This month we are talking about the nether regions of garment care: Bras, Panties, Boxers, Boxer Briefs, etc. These are the items that stay in contact with your skin for the longest time and will begin to show wear faster than any of your other items. Here we outline how to care and store those items.

Storage Tips

  1. Underwear should be stored with tissue paper between each item. This prevents any transfer of odors, oils, and ensures that the wood in the drawer doesn’t pull or snag the garment. $40 for a thong panty is a substantial investment and we want to ensure that it stays as invisible as the day you purchased it.
  2. Bras should be stored on edge as if they are being worn in the drawer. This has the added benefit of making them easier to find the perfect match, but also ensures their shape.
  3. Cedar is always a great additive to a closet; it removes moisture from the environment.


  1. Hand wash or gentle cycle is a must for all cotton and synthetic underwear and bras. You want as little mechanical action as possible to clean your undergarments. Snags and pulls are the difference between a beautiful uninterrupted line and an eyesore cutting your legs off at the derrière! No one wants that!
  2. Use a mesh bag for all bras and DON’T over stuff! Typically 2 to 3 in a bag is plenty. Allow water to get between the items and overloading the bag limits the cleaning effectiveness.
  3. Silks, wools and lace items should be sent to your local cleaning professional. It’s a trusted secret between you and your cleaner who is probably doing thousands of these items already and it’s extremely inexpensive!
  4. Avoid bleach. If it’s stained, send it to the professional, or throw it away. Bleach fundamentally alters the chemical makeup of the item and if not properly flushed can result in medical issues for you.
  5. Read the labels! Provide complicated care labels. Talk to your cleaning professional and have them explain what the symbols mean. They are there to guide you.


  1. Grandma was right! Allowing items to hang to air dry is the best. This will ensure that your items keep their shape, they don’t shrink, and the fabric stays in its best possible condition.  Purchase a small clothes hanger and hang them in a closet with good air ventilation and after a couple hours they will be ready to package and put away.
  2. Guys, this goes for you too! Boxers and briefs are not meant to be ironed, but they do need time to maintain their best shape. There is no point spending good money on underwear if you can’t maintain the shape, color, and size of the garment!

Have You Tried Professional Undergarment Cleaning?

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