The Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mothers Day is traditionally that time where we send our dear mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wax poetic about how wonderful she is and how she is always there for us no matter what, right? Perhaps you go out to a big family dinner or make her breakfast or treat her to a day at the spa.

What if we spend a little time thinking in a more practical sense?

We believe that Mother’s Day is an incredible opportunity for you to help your mother in a profound way by beginning to repay some of the debt owed for years of selfless care including: being your nurse, celebrity chef,  listening to your problems, offering sage advice (even the unsolicited kind) and most importantly offering you unconditional love and acceptance.

If you’ve left the proverbial nest, and even if you haven’t you should recognize that your mother is a hero but she needs some help too! Now is time to step up and think about how you can improve not just one day of her life, but what her DAILY life?

Start thinking of all the laborious chores, the daily tasks, the time consuming activities and responsibilities that she must complete that may not be as simple and easy as they once were. What can you do what to help make them more manageable? Over time each of us must face the fact that our physical energy level declines but our demands often stay the same, and sometimes even increase. This means even your heroic mom may be struggling just to make it through the day and she may feel constantly exhausted but doesn’t want to tell you.  Helping your mother keep her independence by giving her that extra little boost of free time is one of the best gifts you can possibly give. Independence from menial tasks means staying vibrant and healthy. Any exhausted and overworked mom can eventually suffer an accidental slip or injury that can rip away her freedom even more.

Here are some thoughtful and practical ideas to give her more time and lower her stress level.

If your Mom is getting up in years you may need to help her reorganize her kitchen so that the items she needs are stored in more accessible locations and the things she no longer needs are either packed away or donated. This isn’t just an organizational undertaking, it’s a matter of safety. Climbing and straining to reach things or having to stoop and crawl into the back of cabinets for items certainly isn’t ideal and at worst a surefire recipe for an injury at some point. At the minimum, it makes cooking faster and more enjoyable.

Over the years your mom might have accumulated a significant wardrobe.  Even the basic task of just getting dressed and deciding what to wear every morning can be a chore when your closets are cluttered and overstuffed or you have out-of-season and old clothes constantly getting in the way. May is a great time to pull out all the spring and summer items to put them within easy reach and send them to be freshly cleaned at Platinum Dry Cleaners. She will no doubt happily rediscover items she had been meaning to have mended or repaired or even preserved. So why not spend some time helping your mother clear out her closet to make it easier to reach what she needs and remove those lingering outdated, worn, or unused pieces?

So, it’s almost Mother’s Day. Why not call her and offer to spend the day making her life a little easier this year? If you have brothers and/or sisters willing to join you in these efforts, maybe a “family work day” would be the best present ever for the best mom ever, yours.

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