A Simple Way To Keep a New Years Resolution That Works

Is it possible that you are one of the sixty percent of people already neglecting one of those fancy New Year resolutions you made ? What if instead of feeling guilty you reframed your resolution into one that you can instantly keep? Why not start the new year off with a win? Here’s the situation.

One major overlooked problem with starting up any new routine or healthy goal is that each one takes far more time and energy than we initially expect to get into practice. Time we subconsciously believe we do not have. We already know that change is hard and life is already so demanding that we typically struggle to find even one spare second.  The truth is that a majority of our time is already chewed up in an endless list of mundane chores and repetitive tasks which keep us from either starting anything new or making any real progress.

To overcome this we have to aggressively start hunting down these time sinks and find ways to defer, delegate, reduce, or eliminate them to make space in our life for new resolutions. For example, try turning your laundry and dry cleaning needs over to the capable hands of Platinum Dry Cleaners for one month. According to US government research, your average family can spend 3 to 8 hours a week doing laundry!

That’s a huge block lot of wasted time that you could be using to upgrade your life. Why not enjoy the beach, attend those events with your kids, family, or friends – or even relax and read that good book by the pool you have been promising to get to.  Challenge yourself with the tough question, “Would you rather invest a tiny amount in yourself this year or spend your whole evening or weekend each and every week agonizing over laundry, tedious folding, and the endless burden of it all?”

Platinum helps by saving you that time, trouble and headache by doing your laundry automatically for you and even your out-of-town guests. Do you have mounds and mounds of laundry to be sorted? No problem, simply call Platinum for free pick-up and delivery. Everything will be taken care of professionally. Our staff is highly trained in every aspect of garment care from dealing with delicates to spot and stain removal. They inspect, precision wash and dry your garments independently, and professionally fold with attention to detail.  Your packaged laundry will be delivered back to your front door free of charge like clockwork.

After just thirty days on our Platinum program you will start realizing how having a few extra hours a week is truly transforming your life. You will discover you suddenly have more time to go to the gym, cook fresh meals, or just stop and smell the roses.  It becomes easy to imagine actually doing all the things you resolved to do this year because with each tiny win your self confidence will soar higher and the momentum from reaching one goal will compound into the next.

The reality of the situation is that the hardest part of becoming who you want to be is committing to the first thirty days. Set a measurable goal and delegate an existing chore that consumes time (we hope you pick laundry).  Then leverage that new block of free time to pursue your dreams. Call us or schedule a pick up online to start your productivity hack and your laundry tasks will no longer be on your ‘to do’ list, they will be on ours. If you prefer, we also have seven convenient locations to serve you from Marco Island to Estero in which to drop your laundry.

Good luck meeting this year’s goals and remember to make your laundry tasks a New Year’s resolution that is sure to be easy to keep!

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