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You will never forget that special moment when you first felt the fabric graze your skin as you tried on your wedding gown. The realization, the awakening surge of that blissful, nervous, yet exciting emotional energy that flows through everyone during their special day is one of life’s most powerful experiences. That gown, your gown is that one unique treasured keepsake from that life changing day that can easily bring you back to that magical memory each and every time you look at it and wear it during your lifetime.

Unfortunately, the hectic pace and often chaotic environment of the wedding day can easily take a toll on your precious wedding dress. Spilled or tiny spots of wine, smeared makeup, cake icing, red punch, grass stains, and even dirt or mud from dragging along the ground can impact the dress of even the most careful of brides. After the wedding and honeymoon is over a majority of bridal gowns are left to wither in a plastic garment bag with good intentions of cleaning and preserving them soon. Sometimes soon turns into weeks, years, or even decades and procrastination could pose serious risks to the gown due to mold, oxidation, yellowing, and other hazards. Platinum is here to help by offering a state of the art cleaning and preservation service that promises to transform your dress into a museum quality treasure that your whole family can cherish for generations to come.

Our Standard Wedding Gown cleaning and preservation service includes your choice of up to three items:

  • Veil and/or Headpiece
  • Detachable Train
  • Money Bag
  • Handkerchief
  • Garter
  • Jacket
  • Ring Pillow
  • Purse
  • Gloves

Each Package Includes the Following:

  • White gloss finish preservation chest
  • Deluxe Shipping Container
  • $500 Declared Value
  • 100 Year Certificate of Guarantee
  • Prepaid Shipping both ways (Continental U.S.)

Our Platinum Celebrity Upgraded Service Includes:

  • Gown packaged in unbleached muslin fabric for museum quality storage
  • Upgrade to Silver Preservation Chest with a Premium Viewing Window
  • Hand Pressing with an iron instead of standard steaming process 
  • $1,500 Declared Value
  • Recommended for all silk gowns and couture gowns valued over $1,000

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